Thanksgiving with a Local Family

November 23, 2017
Thanksgiving with a Local Family

23 Nov 2017
All Day

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Enjoy joining a family for a traditional Thanksgiving celebration in their home.  Really, the best way to experience an American holiday is to be in the home of a local family on that day!  Besides a traditional meal of turkey there will be an opportunity to taste other foods that are usually cooked on that day and to join a family for other activities that they do.  There will be non-meat dishes for vegetarians.  Many families take more than one student, so you can sign up with a friend or as a family.


Holiday with Local Host

Sign up to spend the afternoon/evening with an American family for a Holiday meal.
This is the email address IFI will use to contact you. It may be the same as your campus email address if that works best for you.
If you do not have an OSU email address, enter the OSU email address of your spouse OR another email address.
Example: 01/21/1992
Since you need transportation, please provide the address where you'd like your host to pick you up.
Include children in your total count.
Please provide their first and last name - if more than one friend/family member will join you separate their full names with a comma
Select the dates you prefer to be hosted for the holiday meal.
Please note: We will only match you and your party with a local host for one date. In the event that no host is available on your first choice, we will try and match you based on your second choice, etc. If you and your party are only available on one date, then do not provide a second or third choice.

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